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Water Damage Repair & Restoration San Diego

Whether your home has been a victim of a plumbing leak, flood or a roofing fiasco, and you find yourself lost or overwhelmed and don’t know who to turn to, don’t fret the Medics will be there to the rescue. Consider us your homes first responder, except we will be there for you from the beginning to the end, holding your hand throughout the whole process.   

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At Dry Out Medics we are held to the highest standards of transparency, customer service, and craftsmanship.

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Dry Out Medics are equipped with advanced, professional-grade technology and years of experience.

work with insurance

At Dry Out Medics, we’re proud to be an insurance preferred contractor. We will handle everything for you.

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60 minutes response time. anywhere in san diego!

After you place a call to our team, you can expect to see our certified restoration technicians onsite in less than 60 minutes, anywhere in San Diego. Our commitment to early response allows us to hit the ground running and prevent further damage to your property. Consider us your homes first responder, except we will be there for you from the beginning to the end, holding your hand throughout the whole process.

The Process

60 Min response time!
60 Min response time!

Initial Call

A technician is called out to your property for a no-cost assessment.

We will walk you through every step!
We will walk you through every step!

Initial Inspection

The technician will do an initial inspection to determine the extent of the water damage, where it originated from, the category of water it is and what all has been affected

Meeting Homeowners

The technician will consult with the homeowner to decide if they should go through their insurance or not

Filing With Insurance

If the homeowner decides they do want to go through insurance, our technician will assist with filing the claim, gather the required documentation insurance requires, leave appropriate equipment to stop damage from spreading and schedule a date/time for us to begin the water mitigation

You are in good hands!
You are in good hands!

Medics On The Scene

A medic team will arrive at the scheduled time, do a full depth inspection, mark all the affected areas, prep the home with protective material over things such as the flooring/carpet and furniture, create a containment, remove affected areas, then place drying equipment to bring home back within the IICRC dry standard


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Water Mitigation



Mold Remediation

Water Extraction

We work with all insurance companies


Frequently Asked Questions

My property is flooded. What should I do first?

Time is of the utmost importance. Call Dry Out Medics immediately so we can get to your property and start the process of removing the water and restoring it right away. By acting fast, you’ll minimize the damage to your property and prevent further problems, including mold infestation.

Do I need to move out of my property during this process?

If you file an insurance claim, you may receive guidance from your insurance representative. However, this is a decision you must reach on your own. There are several factors to consider. Safety is paramount. Our equipment is as childproof as possible, but we require your supervision to make sure no children play with it. Air movers and dehumidifiers will create noise and make your property drafty for a few days. It is important that the equipment remains on, so if the noise is disruptive to you, you might want to consider an alternate place to stay.

Is mold dangerous?

Yes, it absolutely can be. The Centers for Disease Control and other health agencies warn that mold spores can pose serious health risks for people with breathing problems. In addition, certain types of mold – including black mold (stachybotrys chartarum) – can cause adverse effects even in healthy people.

Should I open the windows to help the drying process?

Opening your windows to assist the drying process is not always recommended. Outside weather conditions may vary, so the technician will determine when and if the outside air is appropriate.

What should I do to stop water damage while waiting?

  • Find the source of the water and stop it, if possible
  • Turn off the main circuit breakers to the structure. Do not operate electrical equipment in wet areas
  • If safe, remove furnishings from wet carpet to avoid staining
  • Remove breakable items and items that are susceptible to water damage
  • Remove or lift curtains and other hanging items that touch the floor to avoid damage and staining
  • Do not run fans or air conditioning if the damage is caused by flooding or a sewage leak – doing so can spread contamination
  • Open doors and windows to allow air into the structure
  • Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands and disinfect tools and equipment used in water damage cleanup

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